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Stay organized like never before with BaginBag! It's the organizational revolution that protects your things, protects your bag, organizes your life, and makes it super easy to transfer everything from one bag to another. 

This is the revolution you've been waiting for to get your life in order, literally!

The easy solution for changing bags

Have you ever wished that there were a way to keep everything organized when you're on the go? A way to take all your stuff out of your work bag and put it in your backpack without having to haphazardly dump it from one into the other? A way to protect all your belongs instead of just letting them jostle around in the bag as you hope nothing important break?

Now there is. It's called BaginBag and it's the organizational revolution that you've been waiting for!

Stay organized and move your stuff from bag to mag in just seconds!

2 large interior pockets, two closing pockets, 10 exterior pockets

Travel smart with BaginBag. Thanks to this intelligent system you can organize your things like never before. With 13 different pockets of various sizes, everything has its place so you know where everything goes and where everything is. 

Stop searching in vain for things in your bag just to find them several weeks after you gave up on them entirely! BaginBag is an organizational revolution that will organize your life like never before!

Protects the inside of your bag

You never really know what's going on in your bag. Did a pen somehow manage to open itself? Are your keys now being pressed against the soft leather of your favorite wallet? It gets more stressful the more you think about it. 

BaginBag will put your mind at rest because not only does it help you organize your stuff it, also helps to protect your stuff (and your bag, too)! So you can keep your favorite things in great condition!

One size fits all 

Whether you use a valise, a computer bag, a backpack, a purse, or any other bag, BaginBag is designed for you. It's one size fits all design fits in 99% of bags so that you have maximum versatility and choice. Just slide BaginBag into your bag and go! It makes life easier and more organized!

Super solid

BaginBag is solid. Super solid. When you keep a lot of things in your bag the friction of everything jostling around can quickly wear down certain materials (you've probably already noticed this in some of your bags), that's why we designed BaginBag to be solid and durable- to protect both your things and your bag.

Light as a feather

BaginBag is designed to make your life easier and more organized. This is one of the reasons that we designed it to be as light as possible. The BaginBag system's featherweight design makes it easy to transfer all of your affairs from one bag to another. 

And since it's so light, you won't feel it in the shoulder when you're carrying your bag!

  • Organize your things with its 13 different compartments
  • Easily find anything in your bag
  • Makes it easy to transfer your affairs from one bag to another
  • Protects the insight of your bag and keeps it clean
  • Time saving
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Ultralight and super solid
  • Principal material: Nylon
  • Weight: 80 g
  • Color: black