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PopStars is a laser projector that instantly turns any wall, house, or ceiling into a constellation of thousands upon thousands of lights.

Discover a totally new way to spruce up your home this Christmas with PopStars! Add it to your current Christmas light setup for a more dynamic ambiance! Scared away from decorating your house for Christmas by hours of work, ladders, and tangled lights? Just pop PopStars in front of your house and in seconds you’ll be dazzling the neighborhood with a snow of light!

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PopStars transforms any boring façade, wall, room, or ceiling into a truly festive environment. PopStars has three build in lasers that are shot through a diffraction matrix to produce many laser points from one source (think the album cover of Dark Side of the Moon). This results in a lot of light for very little electricity, even better PopStars is far more efficient than traditional Christmas lights. Cut down on electricity costs this Christmas without cutting down on fun!


Save time AND money with PopStars


Your PopStars Light System has two different light settings: moving and fixed. The fixed setting is perfect for providing a background for a more complicated light show. The moving setting allows you to make it rain light! In both cases PopStars can be left in the on position and then controlled via a power source. This way it can fit into your automated light show, be placed on a remote controlled power strip, or even just attached to an extension cord (nothing wrong the unplug to turn off method)!

PopStars has a movable head so you can target exactly the right place to make your house shine! You just fix it in any position and leave it for the rest of the season.

Strong Points

  • No need for easily tangled or broken Christmas lights!
  • Covers up to 650 square feet
  • For Christmas, Halloween, or any occasion!
  • Fixed or moving
  • Use inside or outside
  • Perfect on its own or as a background for your lightshow

If you plan on using it outside be sure to have an extension cord! 

110/220 volt compatible.

The perfect Christmas gift for friends and family!

Not available in stores!