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Getting perfect feet is no easy feat! They spend all day wrapped up in shoes and being stepped on, naturally this really does on a number on your poor feet. Dead skin, callouses, and more are the results of this rough treatment... But now you can give your feet the pedicure they need whenever you want - all thanks to the revolutionary new home pedicure system, PerfectFoot Spin!

The all-new beauty routine for your feet!

When it comes to beauty we spent a lot of time thinking about our face, our hair, our hands, our skin... but who really thinks about their feet? They're almost always dead last on the hierarchy of beauty. Until their not. There is nothing worse than going to put on your favorite sandals, open-toed shoes, or flip-flops and seeing whats been hiding in your shoes! 

Dead skin, callouses, corns, and worse make some wearing some shoes a complete impossibility. Plus they're just plain ugly and bad for your health! 

It's time to start taking care of your feet. You need more than a pedicure every few months, you need real, daily care. Care that only takes a few minutes with PerfectFoot Spin!

Treat yourself with the kind of care that you'd get at a top-quality salon

It's finally nice out again and you can finally spend a little bit of time barefoot - hopefully at the beach! But you don't want to be held back by feet that have been poorly taken care of! With just a few minutes of care per day you can get incredible, quality results with PerfectFoot Spin. And when we say salon quality we mean it. PerfectFoot Spin is based the design of popular tools used by professional pedicurists!

Eliminate callouses, dead skin, and more so that you don't have to fear the foot this summer!

High-tech portable design

PerfectFoot Spin is 100% portable - so you can take it with you when you're on the go. If you're heading out on vacation, just throw it in your bag! Your feet will always be beach-ready when you have PerfectFoot Spin around. 

And even though it's small and portable, it packs a high-tech punch. Beyond just painlessly removing corns, callouses, and dead skin - its microvibrations help encourage blood flow to the outer layers of the skin so that your feet get the smooth, soft skin you want!

Works with all kinds of skin

Zero irritation, guaranteed. This advanced tool is designed to make sure that you never irritate or injure your skin when you're using it. It can be used on any kind of skin - even the most sensitive - without worry!

It's so easy to use!

To start using your PerfectFoot Spin just insert the batteries and then insert the abrasive surface.Turn your device on and place it gently against the skin of your foot (make sure your feet and clean and dry before use for the best result!). Move the device in a circular motion and keep doing so until you have removed all of the dead skin and you're foot is totally smooth. You should press lightly on areas with callouses and corns.

Once these are gone you can lightly polish your foot with the built-in finishing pad. Once this is done you should rinse and dry your feet then apply a balm. 

Note: The head should be replace when it starts to shows signs of use. How long this will take depends on the intensity and frequency of use.

Ergonomic design

Thanks to its ergonomic design and soft touch, PerfectFoot Spin lets you target specific areas with incredible accuracy! With PerfectFoot Spin you can target problem areas without touching the surroundings. 

Care you your feet quickly, effectively, and painlessly with PerfectFoot Spin!

Advantages & Features:

100% painless
2 different speeds for different levels of sensitivity

Works with all skin-types
Eliminates dead skin and callouses
Smooth and soft results
Ergonomic design for easy use and handling
Wireless and 100% portable
Collects the dead skin for easy, clean disposal

  • Material: acrylic, alloy
  • Battery: functions with AA batteries (non included)
  • Size: 5 x 4 x 14 cm