Unscrewing stripped screws is always a matter of walking a thin line. If you try too hard, don't apply enough pressure, or let your drill spin up too fast, then you might strip it even more. Just making the process even more difficult! Luckily S-XTRACTOR is here to make extracting stripped or broken screws a breeze!

A more effective screw extraction system

When you need to get a stripped screw out, it can seem like the end of the project. When your taking something apart or putting something together and a stubborn screw refuses to let you move forward, it can quickly become extremely stressful. Luckily there is an all new generation of screw extractors ready and waiting to take on even the most challenging of projects! Use the latest technology to tackle the most annoying of problems!


With it's two sides, just drill out the screw and then flip over to the extraction

The S-EXTRACTOR comes with 4 different bits that cover all of the most common screw sizes and most rare ones. Each bit is double sided. The first side is the preparation side which will bore out the top of the screw to prepare it for extraction. The second side is the extraction side which is designed pull out the prepared screw in less than 10 seconds!

To quickly and effectively remove a screw, follow these 5 steps:
  1. Chose the bit size that is ideal for the screw!
  2. Put bit into your drill and with the preparation side facing out. This will be used to shape what's left of the screw head into something easier to grip.
  3. Start your drill and slowly enter into the damaged screw. It is important to do this slowly to prevent the screw metal from heating up too much.
  4. Change from the preparation side of the bit to extraction.
  5. Switch your drill to unscrew or reverse and keep pressure on the screw until it is extracted!
Even the most difficult screws give up in less than 10 seconds!

4 bit sizes - for screws of any type or size

It doesn't matter what kind of screw head, the screw material, or the lodging material. S-EXTRACTOR can handle anything. Even screws that are totally missing their head. Based on technology that has been used by pro carpenters and mechanics for years, S-EXTRACTOR is bring the power to the public!S-xtractor, extrait vis

A must have for every toolbox!  

Made out of 100% Steel, there is no risk of stripping the bit with S-XTRACTOR! It's solid steel construction will protect your 

Advantages & Features:
  • 4-piece kit
  • Two-sided - one to prepare the screw, the second to remove it
  • 4 sizes: #1 to #4
  • Made out of 100% steel
  • Ultra-resistant to wear
  • Extremely effective 
  • Extraction guaranteed in 10 seconds or less!